What is Health insurance?

It helps pay for things provincial health care plans don’t cover: prescription drugs, dental, hospital, vision, paramedical and ambulance services. Coverage is similar to a group benefits plan.

You're retiring

You need coverage to replace your previous group benefits

You're losing coverage

You need to replace previous coverage

You're self-employed or not eligible for group benefits

You need coverage for you and your family

What kinds of health plans are available?

There are plans to suit your needs and budget. Coverage is guaranteed for some plans and you qualify even with pre-existing medical conditions.

Personal Health Coverage

Everyone’s health insurance requirements vary and can evolve over time. Maybe you’re seeking fundamental coverage now, or perhaps you wish to supplement your workplace benefits, or you’re in search of a comprehensive wellness plan. Our Individual Health plans are tailored to fit your unique needs. And if circumstances shift, our plans offer the adaptability to evolve alongside you. After all, isn’t life’s beauty in its unpredictability?

Equip yourself for any upcoming journey. Your coverage can encompass:

  • Optometrists, glasses, and contacts
  • Acupuncture, massage, physio, and more.
  • Dental
  • Prescription Drugs

Replacement Health Coverage

We understand that health benefits might not be your primary concern. You’re possibly pondering retirement destinations or brainstorming names for your new venture. If you’re transitioning away from an employer’s benefits, our Transition Health Plans are here to accompany your next chapter. These plans range from preventive to urgent care solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your priorities. With assured acceptance and no health inquiries, you can continue your lifestyle seamlessly.

Channel your efforts into crafting your upcoming triumph. Your personalized health plan can cover:

  • Optometrists, glasses, and contacts
  • Chiro, naturopath, and massage appointments
  • Orthopedic shoes
  • Dental
  • Prescription Drugs


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